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Cosa fare quando si riceve una multa

Ricevuta la contestazione immediata, o la notifica differita, di un verbale di accertamento

ATTACHED: cosa-fare-quando-si-riceve-una-multa.pdf

Riconoscimento danno da contagio a seguito di emotrasfusione avvenuta nel 1997

The Court of Treviso in the person of the Judge dott. Filippo Giordan, in sentence number 230 of 2 May 2019, granted the applicant compensation pursuant to Law 210/1992. At the appellant in 2013, at the conclusion of a series of diagnostic tests, he was diagnosed with a related chronic HCV liver disease, he was denied compensation requested by administrative means pursuant to Law 210/1992, while the Court of Treviso considered the existence of the causal link between the serious illness and the transfusions he received in 1977 after admission to peritonitis to be proven, condemned the Ministry of Health to the payment of arrears revaluation and legal expenses.

ATTACHED: Sentenza n. 230-2019 RG n. 1978-2015.pdf