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Compensation due for an infected transfusion, even if...

We point out the attached sentence of the Court of Appeal of Venice filed last year July 25, 2022 which ended a long judicial battle that a man from Roncade infected with Hepatitis C, during an operation undergone by a teenager for peritonitis in 1977, at the Santa Maria dei Battuti hospital in Treviso, he had to propose for obtain justice following the transfusion of blood found to be infected as a result of investigations for the research of the causes of the hepatitis C appeared - together with other serious ones symptoms - in adulthood. 

The man assisted by the lawyers Marco Pescarollo of Treviso and Mary Corsi dell’Aquila, he is first recognized in 2019 by the Court of Treviso, labor section, the right the indemnity provided for by law 210/92, consisting of a check, paid of the State and inspired by the principle of social solidarity, to those who have reported serious damage as a result of certain health treatments to which they have undergone. 

The decision despite the appeal from the Ministry of Health which it believed it was not having to pay anything to the victim as clinically "cured" and, therefore, not attributable to any category of damaged, it was recently confirmed with the rejection of the appeal on 25.7.2022.

The Court of Appeal of Venice agreed with the man, believing that hepatitis C from which the respondent was affected and carried out his inflammatory and necrotizing activity from the time of the infection (1977) to the time of antiviral treatment (2014) for more than 35 years. Even if the virus is no longer active in the soma, detectable liver damage remains with appropriate diagnostic methods.

ATTACHED: Corte_Appello_322_25.7.2022.pdf

Updating Link Sources Regulations website

We have updated the regulatory texts on the site courtesy of the portal www.altalex.com also inserting new Codes (for example of Medicines, Juvenile Criminal Process, Third Sector, Pleasure Boating, Equal Opportunities for Accounting Justice, Administrative etc, Single Texts (for example of the Criminal Records, of Urban Security, matters of forests and forestry chains, Legal expenses, etc and some important and fundamental laws.


New property for sale Cavaso del Tomba (TV)

Apartment in the Al Bersagliere condominium in Cavaso del Tomba (TV) via San Pio X nr 197 on the second and last floor equipped with a wooden door with safety lock that leads directly into the living room, from which you access the corridor of the sleeping area that disengages in two bedrooms, a bathroom and a closet. The rooms, although small-medium in size, are conveniently arranged, exposed and distributed, with an airy and bright aspect in a good general context.

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Dormant postal deposits: the list of postal savings accounts not handled for at least 10 years has been published by Poste Italiane

The Regulation on dormant deposits provides that the deposits of sums of money, deposits of financial instruments in custody and administration and the insurance contracts referred to in art. 2, c. 1, of the legislative decree 7 September 2005, n. 209 (Life business), in all cases in which the insurer undertakes to pay an annuity or capital to the beneficiary at a predetermined date, with a balance greater than 100 euros, in relation to which no transaction has been carried out o movement at the initiative of the owner of the relationship or of third parties delegated by him for a period of 10 years starting from the date of free availability of the sums or financial instruments.

Furthermore, the same Regulation provides that once the aforementioned term has elapsed, the "dormant" deposit must be extinguished, pursuant to art. 3 of the Presidential Decree 116/2007, unless, within the term of 180 days from the communication by the intermediary, the holder does not carry out an operation or movement (as such also means the express communication to the Bank of wanting to continue the relationship).

The sums deposited will therefore be transferred to the Fund referred to in art. 1 paragraph 343 of Law 266/2005. The methods for returning the sums paid to the Fund are available on the website www.consap.it

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Studio Legale Pescarollo joins to the Guidelines for a non-hostile language inside and outside the trial

Pescarollo Law Firm joins the Non-hostile language project for a "sustainable" process.

Result of the work of lawyers replica breitling and judges, the guidelines are freely inspired by the manifesto of thenon-hostile communication developed by the "Parole O_stili" association, which contains a sort of decalogue for a "sustainable" process for judges and lawyers and replika klokker, more generally, for all professionals who operate in the universe of justice.

ATTACHED: linee-guida-linguaggio-processo.pdf